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14 May 2018 News

A Commercial Center for Veiled Clothes and Accessories in Istanbul

Zeruj Port was opened in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district, it`s a trade center specializing in veiled clothes and accessories, with 126 shops, the first of its kind in the world. During her speech at the opening ceremony, the head of the administrative council of the center thanked all the contributors to this project, which took about five years of preparations. She said also that the center would be a trademark in the Middle East and denied the rumors of preventing men from accessing the


20 April 2018 Tourism

A glimpse of the most beautiful and oldest markets in Istanbul

The Covered Market (Grand Bazaar): Is one of the oldest and most beautiful covered markets in the world, built during the reign of Sultan Mohammad I in 1455, and was expanded during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The currently covered market includes 61 streets with 5,000 shops and more than 400,000 visitors a day, where the tourists and the local people come to enjoy its varied offers such as fine hand carpets, pottery and copperware, woolen and silk products, antiq


18 April 2018 Tourism

The Spectacular "Gulhane" Park in Istanbul

Gulhane Park is one of Istanbul's oldest and most beautiful gardens. In the past, Gulhaneh was part of the Topkapi Palace Park and was later separated from it, but to this day it is surrounded by the Palace Wall and in the southern part there are gates leading to it. In this park there is the Museum of Islamic Sciences, which includes the most prominent inventions, it is very close to Sultanahmet Square, where there is Ayasofya and the Blue Mosque. This garden is full of plants and trees, and


13 April 2018 News

Expectations of a major recovery of the Turkish economy after the issuance of the law to reduce the investment required to obtain Turkish citizenship

It is expected that in May a new draft law will be presented to the Turkish parliament that will grant Turkish citizenship to foreigners who buy property worth 300 thousand dollars, In addition to streamlining the procedures related to ownership and licensing, as part of the Turkish government's efforts to revive the economy by increasing the purchase of real estate by foreigners.   In a statement, the head of the Association of Turkish real estate and investment companies, Mr. Fidullah Ya


12 April 2018 Investment

The issuance of the law granting Turkish nationality to the person who buys a property worth "$ 300,000"

The procedure for submitting a new draft law to the Turkish parliament has almost come to an end. Under this law, Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who buy a property worth $ 300,000. The Turkish government aims to revolutionize the real estate sector, which has become one of the most important sectors on which the Turkish economy has depended in recent years, and it also aims to attract more investors to Turkey to support its economy. Turkish government officials had announced mon


09 April 2018 Tourism

2018 will be the golden year for tourism in Turkey

In a statement during his participation in a conference of ministers of tourism of South-Eastern Europe in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, Turkish Tourism Minister Hussein Yayman said 2018 would be the golden year for tourism in Turkey. In his speech, he noted that Turkey, with its natural and historical landmarks, is the largest open museum in the world. The Turkish minister also predicted that the figures to be achieved by the tourism sector in Turkey by the end of 2018 figures exceeded by the


06 April 2018 News

9.4 million homes sold in Turkey over the past 10 years

In a statement issued by the Turkish Statistics Agency, the number of houses sold in Turkey during the last ten years reached 9 million and 361 thousand and 941 houses. Istanbul topped the list, with 1,904,919 homes sold during this period, followed by the capital Ankara with a million and 232 thousand and 571 houses, and Izmir came in third place, followed by Antalya in fourth place, followed by the Bursa in fifth place. The Turkish Statistics Agency pointed out that the small cities began to


06 April 2018 Tourism

Turkey is the destination of Arab investors thanks to facilities and incentives

Turkey is still the focus of interest of Arab investors in general and the Gulf in particular, thanks to the facilities and incentives provided to them. In a statement, the representative of the Arab Gulf States in the Investment Agency Mr. Mustafa Gokso said That Gulf investors want to be more present in Turkey's domestic markets and want to import Turkish products as a substitute for products imported from other countries, and this is a great opportunity for Turkey to become an export and inv


04 April 2018 Investment

Turkey Hit Highest Export Volume in March 2018

In a speech during a symposium "International Exhibitions" organized by his ministry, Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibekji said that his country recorded the highest volume of exports in the history of the Republic of Turkey in March this year and added that Turkish exports are expected to reach 170 billion dollars by the end of 2018. He pointed out that Turkey has succeeded in increasing its exports to various countries of the world during the past three months, the largest increase in expor


04 April 2018 News

The Turkish economy is the highest growth among G-20 countries last year

The growth of the Turkish economy in the last year 2017 was 7.4 percent, so thus it ranked first in the G20 economic growth list. Turkey's economic growth has surpassed the fastest-growing economies such as China and India It has also tripled the average growth of the EU economy. According to data from the Turkish Statistical Organization and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the growth rates of the Turkish economy in 2017 were as follows:  percent in the first


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