28 July 2016 Investment

Turkish Real Estate Market is the Focus of Attention of the Arabs

Turkey real estate market continued its increased attention by Arabic customers who frequently visit it for tourism and spending holidays or to engage in economic activities.

During the first half of 2016, Iraqis topped the list of foreigners who bought properties in Turkey by a total of 1600 real-estates followed by Kuwaitis with 893 real-estates and Saudis with 882, then followed by Afghans and Russians, according to data from the Turkish Statistics Institution.

The data showed that the proportion of the purchase of the citizens of the previous five countries amounted to 50% of the total properties sold (4763 real-estates out of the 9378 real-estates sold in the same period).

Istanbul is still at the top list of most cities that attracts investors as 3194 real-estates sold followed by Antalya in southern Turkey, by a total of 2151 real-estates, after that come Bursa and Yalova which are located in the northwest of the country; this year has witnessed a growing demand for purchase in the capital Ankara and Trabzon in the north of Turkey.

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