31 March 2017 Tourism

Tourism Sector in Turkey Pays Special Attention to Arab Visitors

During a visit to a region of Afyon state, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Nabi Oci said during a speech at a meeting on tourism that the Arab visitors in the forefront of the tourism sector in Turkey and said that the tourism sector is interested in Arab tourists because they want to visit the medical and mineral springs, And have increased their appetite to visit Turkey in recent times due to the escalation of abusive behavior against Arabs in the West on one hand and because we have a history, culture, and shared values ​​on the other.

Mr. Oci said that the state of Afyon has resorts that can accommodate 200,000 visitors in four areas of mineral springs tourism. He pointed out that 311,000 domestic and foreign visitors came to Afyon in 2002, and that number rose to 674,000 in 2015, of which 17,500 were foreign tourists. According to official data, hot water resorts spread throughout Turkey receive about 550 thousand foreign visitors annually.

Turkey is ranked fifth in the world, and the first on the European continent, in terms of the number of resources of hot water springs, where it has more than 1500 spring in the number of resorts in this sector, Turkey comes in third place in Europe, with 240 resorts, while Italy is preceded by 300 resorts and Germany with 260.

Hot water is characterized by its healing properties from many diseases since ancient times. Turkey's hot water resorts are a major destination for tourists from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States, Germany and the Middle East.

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