15 May 2017 Investment

Turkish nationality for foreign investors ..

Turkish nationality has become available for foreign investors within a specific requirements and conditions we show as follows:

In the beginning; the investor must apply for Turkish citizenship, including personal data and information such as: name, mother and father name, family name, Turkish national number "Yabancı Kimlik No", place and date of birth, current work, passport No, information available to contact .. and others.

 In this regard we address the information and documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship for foreign investors:

 The application form contains five conditions. Each of the applicants has the right to complete the application if he get to have one of the five conditions.

  1. Fixed investment of not less than US $ 2 million.
  2. Buy a property worth at least one million US dollars and not sell it for three years.
  3. Providing a job opportunity for at least 100 Turkish citizens.
  4. Deposit of 3 million dollars in Turkish banks for three years.
  5. Buying a property through state borrowing tools worth 3 million dollars for three years

The documents to be attached upon submission of the application are:

  • Passport copy.
  • Copy of the residence permit certified by the notary public.
  • Copy of the card is certified by the notary public.
  • Copy of title deed of a certified property.
  • A copy of the bank deposit.
  • A purchase document showing the value of the property from the bank or intermediary institution and the accounts opened in the name of the property to be purchased.
  • A certified consent statement from the notary public "consent includes the sharing of information that allows access to deposits in the bank or information relating to real estate."
  • A document describing company information.


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