12 March 2018 News

Istanbul's new channel is integrated with its surroundings through the projects of the largest real estate company in Turkey

Emlak Konut real estate company aims to contribute to the integration of the new Istanbul channel with its surroundings. The company owns large tracts of land on the Canal Road and plans to build a lot of projects on it.

The director general of the company, Murat Koroum, said that 33 projects are planned to be built on the Istanbul Canal route, where the company has a very large portfolio of land around the Canal. He said the channel will be very useful not only for Istanbul but for the economy of the entire country.

Mr. Murad added that Turkey's economic achievements in the past 15 years are very impressive and that Turkey is leading the way for major international projects.

With regard to Istanbul's strategic importance to Turkey,

Mr. Murad said that the final announcement of the channel's course drew attention from all over the world.

As for the impact of the Istanbul channel on the map of density in the city, Mr. Murad said that the commercial life in Istanbul is concentrated in certain points, but the distribution of investments has recently spread in a more balanced way providing greater comfort in the city in terms of transportation, and when the Istanbul Canal project ends, the map of the city's population density will change considerably for the better.

Mr. Murad added that the northern region of Istanbul is leading the commercial life in the region through mega projects such as Istanbul's new airport, Halkali Airport Metro Line, Sultan Selim Bridge, North Marmara Highway, Ikitelli City Hospital and Istanbul Canal.

With regard to the huge projects being developed by Emlak Konut around the Istanbul Canal such as Behcekent, Bizim neighborhood, and Isparta Kulaer, Mr. Murad said that the aim is to help the channel integrate with its surroundings and develop the ideal concept of real estate in the region.

Mr. Murad said that the Bahcekent project was the concept of self-sufficiency where there are living spaces, commercial areas, health parks, educational institutions and social facilities. And next to the project there is the Hayat Park, built by Emlak Konut on an area of 142 square meters.

He also spoke about the Bizim project, which was built on an area of one million square meters in Kuchuk-Chikmaje, according to the traditional Turkish architecture. He stressed that the project includes various social and cultural facilities that all people of different ages can benefit from.

One of Turkey's leading online shopping sites, Sahibinden, has announced that Kuchuk-Chikmaje, Pachak-Shehir, Asenioret and Arnautkoy which located on the Istanbul Canal Road, is among the most promising areas of Istanbul for real estate.

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