12 June 2015 Tourism

Turkey: A Journey to the future of the longest stone bridge in the world

Governor Dursun Ali Sahin city of Edirne western Turkey said that "long bridge" Uzun Köprü that has been included in the interim of the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO will know the region and the world will see the revival of tourism from now on.

Awareness march was organized under the name "Jsrna convey to the future," the long bridge, which was included in the provisional World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO, where participants walked on this 1392-meter-long, accompanied by the military band of the Ottoman bridge (Mehter) Conventional their clothes.

Dursun threw the word after the march which he said that the long bridge global masterpiece and it is the third milestone in Edirne, which are included in the UNESCO list. He added: "long bridge with a length of 1392 meters and is one of the longest stone bridge in the world. Time to the city of Edirne was time to enter the list of European cultural capitals. From now on, the world will recognize the long bridge and the region will witness the revival of tourism; the whole world will recognize the long bridge known as Selimiye Mosque in the city.**** When was the construction of a long bridge?

Long bridge is located on the edge of "Orkinah" River; where is the tallest stone bridge in the world and the only bridge that connects both of the regions of Anatolia and the Balkans with each other. It was the establishment of the bridge, which was named for the region, which was named in the past "bridge Orkinah", by the Sultan Murad II (father of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror) during the years (1426-1443), where the great architects then Mosleheddin to take over the establishment of the bridge. The length of the bridge about 1392 meters, and a width of approximately 6.80 meters.

This helped bridge built by the Ottomans to pass Orkinah River, which was a natural obstacle in their conquests of the Balkans to continue Turkey's military conquests in Europe in the winter.

It should be noted that it will be raising the issue of the inclusion of the long bridge on the list of world cultural heritage at UNESCO during the month of June next. As has been all business set up long bridge with both Turkish and English, and then sent to the competent ministry, as well as the restoration work long bridge is still ongoing, and ensures that the Ministry of Development and the remaining costs of the restoration work.  

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