12 June 2015 Investment

Arab Spring revive the real estate market in Turkey

It is expected that the Arab Investors pumped new investments in the real estate sector during the current year $ 6 billion over 20 thousand buying and selling process.

The head of the Institute of Consumer Rights Protection Hakan Tokabbah The sector is expected to enter the Turkish market new investments worth up to $ 6 billion.

Tokabbah He explained that according to the data and reports of the Commission Alasttmart Arabian Property in Turkey of the Institute, it is expected that the Arab investors about 20 thousand transactions buying and selling in the real estate sector during the current year, pointing out that the Institute will provide the necessary assistance in order to prevent the emergence of any obstacles in sales and purchase.

Tokabbah confirmed that they founded the Committee of Arab property investments in Turkey, before a short period in order to solve the problems that you may encounter Arab investors, and to assist in the completion of a safe and successful investment operations.

Tokabbah said: "We expect to be Arab Investors may buy the operations conducted for about 5 thousand housing units and about 3 thousand and 500 piece of land," explaining that Arab investments dramatically moving to the cities of Istanbul and Bursa.

The real estate sector in Turkey has witnessed over the past year, sales of real estate on behalf of foreign investors reached an area of ​​about 8

million square meters. The share of the Arab Gulf states which amounted to about 2.8 million square meters.

Saudi investors in the first place and came after the tread Germans. Reports indicate that Arab investments in the real estate sector has seen a marked increase during 2014, registered 666% in the Bahraini investments, and 291% in Kuwaiti investments, and 181% in the UAE investments, and 177% in the Iraqi investment, and 135% in Saudi investments, and 105% in Qatari investments, while investments increased to Oman by about 58%.


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