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13 December 2018 Investment

The Turkish government issues state bonds to encourage investment in Turkey

To boost foreign investor confidence in the Turkish economy, the Turkish government has decided to launch a five-year state bond in US dollar and euro as of Monday 17/12/2018. The Turkish Minister of Finance, in his address to Istanbul Investor Relations Summit, pointed out that Turkey has managed to control the turbulence in the Turkish market by adhering to successful monetary policies and working without fail or hesitation to maintain the stable value of the Turkish lira. The Turkish lira ha


26 November 2018 Investment

The most Important Questions About Turkish Citizenship

The following are the most important questions that have been dealt with in this regard, and their exact answers in accordance with the Turkish Nationality Law and its Executive Regulations published on 15/10/2018. How can I obtain Turkish citizenship? Foreigners can obtain Turkish nationality in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey, provided that the purchase of the property should be after the date 12/1/2017.  Can I buy any residential or commercial property to


05 October 2018 Investment

Bosphorus palaces attract the attention of foreign investors

Recent fluctuations in the Turkish lira have contributed to foreign investors' ownership and investment in Turkey. Some have been interested in owning palaces and apartments overlooking the Bosporus. There are approximately 60 palaces and 40 apartments with direct views of the Bosporus for sale. Qataris are particularly interested in owning these properties. Where the location, the length of the waterfront, historical value are the main factors in pricing these deficiencies. The neighborhoods o


24 September 2018 Investment

Turkish government supports the economy with a modern road network

Turkish government supports the economy with a modern road network The Turkish government seeks to facilitate all means of transport to develop the road, rail network and link it to the seaports and major cities in order to support the various economic and residential projects in the country. The road project connecting the states of Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir is a good example of this, with 184 kilometers of this modern roadway being completed out of a total of 433 kilometers. Another 119 km


19 September 2018 Investment

Important Amendments to Acquire Turkish Nationality for Investors

New facilities provided by the Turkish Government include fulfillment of one of the following conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship: Owns a property worth $250,000 and retained it for three years after which the owner can dispose of it, while the requirement in the previous decision was $1 million. To open a project securing work for at least 50 Turkish citizens, while the requirement was previously 100 Turkish citizens. The deposit amount in Turkish banks has become $500,000 for


01 September 2018 Investment

Reasons for the increased purchase of real estate in Turkey

Foreign investors' purchases of Turkish real estate jumped 65 % in July 2018, the highest growth since the beginning of 2018, according to data from the Turkish Statistics Agency. A real estate expert confirmed that the decline in the Turkish lira has opened the appetite of foreign investors to increase their investments in Turkish real estate. Turkish real estate expert Aziz Pakan said the Turkish real estate sector is promising and attractive, as it blends deep-root


18 August 2018 Investment

Is it time to buy real estate in Turkey?

The Turkish lira has exceeded the limit of 6 Turkish lira per dollar, which means that the trader who owns $ 100 thousand has become much worthier than half a million Turkish liras, and this equals the value of a luxury villa close to the tourist areas, or luxury apartment in the best tourist areas, And equal two tourist apartments in the medium tourist areas. This represents an irreplaceable opportunity for foreign tourists to own a property in the most beautiful


12 April 2018 Investment

The issuance of the law granting Turkish nationality to the person who buys a property worth "$ 300,000"

The procedure for submitting a new draft law to the Turkish parliament has almost come to an end. Under this law, Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners who buy a property worth $ 300,000. The Turkish government aims to revolutionize the real estate sector, which has become one of the most important sectors on which the Turkish economy has depended in recent years, and it also aims to attract more investors to Turkey to support its economy. Turkish government officials had announced mon


04 April 2018 Investment

Turkey Hit Highest Export Volume in March 2018

In a speech during a symposium "International Exhibitions" organized by his ministry, Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibekji said that his country recorded the highest volume of exports in the history of the Republic of Turkey in March this year and added that Turkish exports are expected to reach 170 billion dollars by the end of 2018. He pointed out that Turkey has succeeded in increasing its exports to various countries of the world during the past three months, the largest increase in expor


13 January 2018 Investment

Call for new partnerships between Arab and Turkish businessmen

In a speech at the first Turkish-Arab Economic Summit held in Mersin, the Turkish Minister of Development called on Arab businessmen to come to Turkey, work with their Turkish counterparts and achieve mutual benefits for both sides. He added that in Turkey they do not want to be producers and that Arab countries will only buy, but aspire to cooperate with Arab businessmen and establish commercial companies with them to produce together and win together. We, according to the Turkish Minister of


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